Change Colors in Elements

Color change in Elements.  
Option #1:  New Fill Layer- New Fill Layer is located in the top horizontal menu bar. Click on "layer," then "new fill layer." From here you can choose a solid color, pattern fill, or a gradient. Choose "solid color" and click "ok." You can now use your dropper to choose a color or for a more precise color you can add a hex number. Your entire template will now turn the color that you chose. Next, make sure your new fill layer is directly above the layer you wish to change color. Now right click on the color fill layer and choose to "create a clipping mask." Your color is now changed.
Option #2:  Hue/Saturation- to change color using hue/saturation first make sure you click on the layer you wish to change colors. Now, go to "layer," "new adjustment layer," and choose hue/saturation. The hue will change the color and the saturation with determine the intensity of that color. When you are finish click "ok."
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