How do I download my order?

Download Instructions: The files provided to you have been compressed and will need to be extracted before use. The files are categorized by “Collection” or “Product Type”. Visit our website at to view our product categories.

The files are separated further to be below 1Gb in size to avoid browser limitations. Due to the large size of many of our files, we recommend that you download one folder at a time if your order contains multiple files or you have ordered our entire store package.

Step1: Click the link provided during checkout or the link provided by email just after checkout. You will be taken to your download screen containing all of the product folders in your order.

Step2: Click any folder and your files (in this one folder) should automatically begin downloading to the “downloads” area of your computer. When download is complete, navigate to the folder you just downloaded. Open the folder by left clicking the folder name.

Step 3: For Windows you will see the “extract all” option in the window’s top navigation bar. Select this option and you will be prompted to choose a new location to save the unzipped version of the files. Pick a new location or you may want to keep them in the folder. If you prefer to keep the unzipped files in the same folder as the zip files, we recommend deleting the zip files so as not to accidentally try to import a zip file into Photoshop or Elements.

For Mac, simply left click on the zip file name and the utility will automatically create the unzipped folder and place in the same folder. In this case, you will either need to change the name of the zip or unzipped file, or delete the unzipped file. Now that you have made it this far, you are ready to perform this same task, once for every remaining folder you wish to download. Now it is time to select a product to work with either in Photoshop CS or Elements

Step 4: Templates: For Photoshop CS Versions & Elements: Choose File > Open and then you will be prompted navigate to the file you wish to import. Select the file you need and click “open”. That’s it, now the real excitement begins! When you turn a photo into a masterpiece!


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